Given the amount of time that many people spend working, it makes sense to think about opportunities to increase physical activity at work and going to work. One of the best ideas is to take advantage of the benefits of walking to work.

You must avoid a sedentary lifestyle and try to follow a healthier lifestyle, this is possible by including this simple practice in your daily life.

Stopping using the car or public transport to walk to work will give you more benefits than you think. Starting from cost savings, walking is a simple and effective way to promote good health and well-being. Furthermore, you will feel more active and full of energy.

The percentages to take into consideration

People who go to work on foot are 40% less likely to suffer from diabetes than those who use cars or public transport.

Moreover, those who walk or cycle to work have a 30% less chance of being overweight. In addition, 19% less is to be considered to suffer from heart attacks. Another interesting percentage regarding those who prefer to walk to work is 17% less likely to have high blood pressure.

Walking to work is the best way to start the day with energy. Furthermore, you can go with your colleagues and encourage interpersonal relationships.

Frequent walks reduce blood pressure and can also reduce the risk of cerebrovascular problems from 20% to 40%.

Benefits of walking to work

  1. Walking helps you lose weight and reduce stress.
  2. Reduces blood pressure and the risk of developing chronic diseases.
  3. It is a strategy without calories but with the same benefits: walking regularly changes the nervous system, reduces levels of anger and hostility.
  4. Open-air and exposure to sunlight help to avoid seasonal affective disorder  (SAD).
  5. If you are stuck or have to find a solution to a difficult problem, it is a good idea to get moving: walking to work, in fact, can awaken your creativity.
  6.  Daily walks increase metabolism, burn calories and avoid the loss of muscle mass, which is particularly important as you get older.
  7. Walking habits improve the joints, muscles, and veins of the calves and feet. Walking strengthens the secondary circulatory system, preserves the leg muscles and increases blood flow in a healthy way.
  8. Promotes and improves gastric mobility.
  9. By establishing a regular walking routine, you will also be able to take on other new healthy habits.
  10. Cervical pain prevention is another of the benefits of walking to work. In this way, in fact, you can compensate for a large number of hours spent sitting in front of the computer.

Benefits for employers

There are also many advantages for employers who are in favor of physical activity at work and outside. A more active workforce brings many benefits from staff and activity. Here are some:

  • Increase the compromise between workers and work, increasing the level of staff performance and productivity.
  • The problem of staff turnover or employees’ intention to abandon the company is reduced.
  • The costs for illness and the absence of medical treatments are decreasing. Employees who prefer to walk to work are sick about 30% less than those using the car.


  • If you can’t go to work on foot because the distance does not allow it and you cannot use the bicycle, consider doing a quick morning workout to clear your mind and start your day better.
  • Another option is to use public transport to reach them on foot; even if the distance is short, it is still an alternative to consider.
  • You can also go for a walk during your lunch break. A short walk after eating improves mood and increases productivity.
  • Whatever method you use, you will be able to find ways to keep yourself active before, during and after your workday. The goal is to keep the mind awake and the body healthy.

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