Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. At this stage, there are many changes that the body undergoes to accommodate the child to be born. But being pregnant is not a valid reason to stop doing sports: there are exercises that can be done to continue training in pregnancy without problems. Read on!

Exercising during pregnancy brings various benefits that few know about: it alleviates back pain and stress, for example. The secret is to know which exercises are best suited for a woman to continue exercising during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and physical activity

Not all organisms function in the same way and not all pregnancies are equal. Some women may experience more abrupt changes affecting their bodies, others may go through lighter changes.

Beyond the changes, doing specific exercises can help make pregnancy more bearable. Furthermore, it is a way to get distracted and help maintain control over your body.

If a woman was already used to doing physical activity before pregnancy, then she should be able to continue doing it without problems. Obviously, with the passing of the months, it should reduce the intensity.

Can everyone train in pregnancy?

In general, it is particularly recommended to do physical activity during pregnancy. However, there are some situations in which it is advised to refrain from physical activity during pregnancy:

  • Women with asthma, diabetes or heart disease.
  • Pulmonary weakness.
  • Preeclampsia.
  • Risk of premature birth.
  • Obesity.

Regardless of whether you are suffering from these diseases, you should consult your doctor to verify that you are fit to play sports during these months.

Take precautions

Although there are different types of training that can be performed during pregnancy, it is important to keep in mind different aspects that change when you train during pregnancy:

  • Do not subject yourself to the excessive effort: in normal conditions, the effort when training is quite intense. If you are pregnant, instead, you need to train calmly and respect your limits.
  • Hydrate yourself well: it is imperative to take care of your hydration before, during and after exercise. And that’s because you have to prevent cramps and dehydration.
  • Do not skip heating: this phase is important, not only in pregnancy. But during gestation, it is necessary to prepare the muscles to the best in order not to run the risk of strains or injuries.

Exercise during pregnancy: the most suitable exercises

Training in pregnancy will give you more confidence in yourself, it will allow you to preserve a good physical shape and also to intensify the bond with your great love, which is the life you carry in your lap.

Among the exercises you can do during pregnancy, you will find:

Exercises in water

Exercises performed in water are perfect for pregnant women as they are low impact exercises. So you can do many movements without fearing strains or injuries.

Swimming, aerobic activities or walking in the water are fun exercises that can easily be done. Furthermore, aquatic exercises are ideal for any woman suffering from back pain or leg pain.

To walk

Walking is the most common activity in pregnancy; doing so improves circulation, reduces water retention, and can be done anywhere. Furthermore, it is an exercise that serves to clear the mind and breathe deeply.

To dance

Dancing is a fun option, as well as being simple to do. Whether it’s Zumba fitness, Pound or simply moving to the beat of your favorite music, any option is fine, as long as you don’t subject it to the excessive effort.

Furthermore, it is proven that children still in the womb can hear the sounds of the outside world, so music can benefit its development!

Exercise bikes

Pedaling is a comfortable cardiovascular activity because it allows you to keep a slow pace, without getting tired.

Furthermore, it is important to talk about stationary bikes (or static bikes), because as your stomach increases, it will be difficult to maintain balance. And we don’t want you to run the risk of falling off your bike and hurting yourself! For this, it is better to prevent and use an exercise bike.

Doing exercises from time to time is good for the body and helps to live a serene pregnancy; you can vary to do different activities without getting bored. Obviously, as the date of delivery approaches it is likely that you just want to rest; in that case, don’t force yourself to do things that your body doesn’t feel like doing. You know, however, that you can do some exercise during pregnancy!

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