The method that your grandmother used to lose weight, the trick to lose weight quickly from your cousin’s friend, in general, the “tips” that pass from mouth to mouth like gossip, lack foundation and in many cases are of no use. Don’t waste time and effort!

Between 1800 and 1930 the life expectancy of a human being was between 30 and 34 at the most. Over the years, men have developed study tools based on the scientific method. This represented a great step forward for humanity, allowing a man to progress in the technological, medical, architectural fields … etc.

Despite everything, myths and legends that belong to ancient beliefs still persist and that, for the most part, is wrong. For this reason, in this article, we will talk about the worst tips in fitness to lose weight and we will explain why.

Train yourself and you’re done

Many think that physical exercise is the magic formula that everyone needs to lose weight. Of course, one of the things that must be done to reduce weight is to train. However, this has become one of the worst pieces of advice because giving importance exclusively to physical exercise is wrong. There are other aspects that you will need to consider if you want to lose weight.

Our body works in an extraordinary way and has various systems that need to be stimulated. Therefore we must consider different variables, and one of the most important for weight loss is to take care of what we eat. You can’t expect results if you think that exercise can only remedy all the calories you eat each day. The first step to losing weight is to follow a good diet.

A waistcoat will eliminate the fat rolls

The advice to use a waistcoat to eliminate body fat is mainly aimed at girls. This is undoubtedly a gross mistake in fitness if you want to lose weight. The advertisements present these “bands” with the promise of getting a stylized body, of “eliminating” the fat and consequently losing weight.

The reality is that these “bands” hinder the flow of blood through the body. This does not help at all to eliminate fat, nor to shape the body. On the contrary, it causes circulation problems, varicose veins, cellulite and stretch marks. So avoid them at all costs!

The tea diet is the best way to lose weight

Your best friend at school tells you that her cousin’s friend has quickly lost many pounds on a diet of herbal teas, on the internet you can find the apple diet and those of the various celebrities. In this way, hundreds of people circulate the most diverse diets, without knowing the effects they cause on the human body.

Following a diet that an acquaintance has advised you or that you have read in a fashion magazine is certainly not the best way to lose weight. Any proposed diet may not have the nutritional balance needed to face the day, putting your health at risk in some cases.

When it comes to losing weight you have the bad habit of following a diet for two weeks, just enough time to lose a few pounds, and then resume your old eating habits. The most important thing to really lose weight and maintain the results is to follow a balanced diet based on your age, sex, and height. Therefore we advise you to go to a nutritionist to avoid problems related to incorrect nutrition.

Be careful to follow the advice you take almost everywhere, but get good information. In this way, you will avoid running into problems related to poor nutrition, or circulation, or health in general. Now that you are aware of these weight loss tips, make good use of them.

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