Sometimes the lack of information can lead us to make mistakes during the exercises. To make this not happen, in this article we will talk about the most common mistakes we make in the gym and how to avoid them

The most common mistakes you make in the gym

The mistakes we make during a physical exercise can become a difficult habit to eradicate. It may take some time before you know it. So, before it’s too late, locate them and get to work to correct them! The most common are listed below.

Don’t be patient

Let’s start by talking about a mistake that is more psychological than physical, but no less important. When we begin to train we may soon see the first results, but after a few weeks, the body gets used to the intensity of the training and will, therefore, require more fatigue to burn fat and take new forms.

Impatience in seeing results can lead you to lose perseverance and stop training more or less gradually. It is therefore clear that this is not a problem to be underestimated. Obviously not seeing the results you expect does not mean that something in your body is not changing anyway, it is only doing it at a slower pace and you will see it soon. Don’t give up!

To be too impetuous

If you have been training for a few weeks, it certainly became easier to lift the weight you started with. Wanting to improve yourself every day is certainly a laudable attitude, but be careful not to increase your weight too much, this could cause you to muscle injuries that could have life-long consequences.

Don’t be ashamed to use lightweight or do less repetition to get results. Your body will suggest how much weight to add to the machine, but as mentioned above, exceeding could have very negative consequences.

Bad posture

Although many believe that bad posture only affects the barbell raises, this is not always true. You may adopt incorrect posture by doing squats, sit-ups or lunges. Some of these exercises can make your effort useless because you don’t do the area you want to work well.

Other mistakes could lead to serious injuries that will negatively affect your training or even your life. Pay attention to the postures you take and even if you think you are well, ask your instructor.

Do not rest

It is known to all athletes that between a series and the other one must rest a little. Do you think that when you do intense exercises or lift weights, your body works a lot, and if you do the next series without rest, you will be more tired every time, your muscles will be more tired and could even tear?

Do not worry, you will not cancel the effect of the exercise for a few minutes of rest between one series and another. If you are new to a weight room, watch who has more experience than you. The muscles of those who train for a long time are the result of hard work, hard work, and perseverance. Even observing the most experienced you will see that between a series and the other one will give the right rest.

Train every day

Let’s summarize it in a simple way, sometimes training less is the best choice. If you train all the muscle groups every day, you will not let your body, your mind and your muscles rest. You will no longer get results because you train every day. Muscles may become too tired and enter the phase of catabolism.

To make you understand this term in a simple way it is as if the muscles were “on strike”. Your best bet is to surprise your body with unexpected breaks, even during a routine. Training about four times a week is more than enough.

Always use the same tools

This is probably one of the most common mistakes you make in the gym. There are machines that we like less than others, perhaps because it is more difficult to use them, but very often they are the best.

If you get used to always using the same machines, you will always use the same muscles and you will make less effort to do the exercise. It is necessary to alternate movements, weights, and tools so that all the parts of the bodywork to the maximum. Remember that the variation guarantees the result. Have you already taken note of all the common mistakes we make in the gym? Well, now that you know them, all you have to do is avoid them.

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