Each of us knows how to recognize when one’s lifestyle and daily habits take him away from a state of full health. The awareness that the path should be “straightened out” is the first step towards improvement. The need to adopt good habits does not necessarily imply a 180 ° turn. Small and constant changes are the surest way to achieve great results.

The choice of radical transformations and the search for quick or miraculous solutions can be as counter-productive as doing nothing.

Sudden attempts at change in life risk turning quickly, sometimes adding the weight of a great sense of resignation and defeat on the shoulders.

The power of the mind

Many believe in the enormous power of the mind, others think it’s just science fiction. However, it remains certain that, in the process of changing our lifestyle, the first point of the “to-do list” is to do it.

The second step is to clearly establish what we want to change and why: we need to be concrete, precise and clear. Goodwill is not enough, but a plan must be established to follow. For example: “I will play tennis twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays”.

A car to move

The human body is designed to move. A sedentary lifestyle goes against our nature. Furthermore, any muscle that is not exercised ends up atrophying. For this, we must introduce physical activity into our daily life.

Any individual motivation is valid: losing weight, increasing physical stamina, reducing anxiety and stress, improving mood.

No need to become super athletes

Exercising in a moderate manner, once or twice a week, can be more than sufficient, but on condition that you do it in a constant and lasting way over time.

A very common excuse, with which we try to justify our own lack, is the lack of time. But this is not the case, it is not necessary to go to the gym obligatorily 2 or 3 hours a day.

The important thing is to make the most of the time available, even if little. Five kilometers at light speed every Sunday will always be a better option than doing nothing; your body will surely appreciate it.

Treat the power supply

A balanced diet, combined with physical exercise, allows you to achieve great results for your health. So, knowing what your body needs is a must.

It is necessary to know the properties of the foods that are consumed regularly and what are the consequences (positive or negative) of their intake for the physical. From this knowledge, you can proceed in an adequate manner.

Some minor dietary changes may be sufficient to note improvements. Try to reduce salt and sugar and introduce more fruit and vegetables. If possible, avoid the consumption of processed foods and saturated fats.

Abandon bad habits

Smoking is a classic example when it comes to bad habits for our health. Quitting smoking is one of those changes that has immediate positive effects.

Overcoming tobacco addiction is an uphill road for most people. However, it is proved that it is not impossible.

Small changes and realistic goals

One of the most common mistakes among those who intend to radically change their lifestyle is to go from “0 to 100” in no time. Don’t forget that the longer the period of inactivity is, the slower the training must resume.

The sum of small steps

Many people may find it ridiculous to set goals such as: “Walk 15 minutes at an average rate, three times a week, for a month”. These small goals, once reached, will generate a new challenge

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