We live in an age where humanity has made great technological advances that simplify our lives. This is an incredible and noteworthy figure considering, moreover, that these acquisitions invest in different aspects of society, from medical diagnosis to communication. However, this has, in some ways, compromised the functioning of our body, making us some almost extraneous movements.

Centuries ago the man was forced to procure food and perform various activities in order to survive, resulting in considerable physical effort.

Considering that today there are few jobs that involve physical effort, while many foresee sedentary activities, the body inevitably loses its basic capacity for its proper functioning and this causes health problems over time.

Inactivity affects daily life, even if you don’t notice it. There are movements that you should be able to perform regardless of the lifestyle you adopt. This article aims to show you those movements that you should be able to do without problems. Take note!

Movements that you should be able to perform

The squat

The squat is a functional movement present in different daily situations: when you sit on a chair, when you get out of bed or when you make similar movements. Performing a bend just consists of flexing your knees while keeping your back straight. The best way to avoid injury and pain is to try not to make mistakes in the movement.

The push-ups are movements that you should be able to perform to ensure the good condition of the different muscles involved and enjoy the many benefits they will bring to your body. If you have difficulty squatting then it will be better to start training to improve the functioning of your body.

To crawl

It will surely sound strange to you, but crawling is one of the movements you should be able to perform. Going on all fours puts arms and legs in motion, improves circulation, coordination, and balance.

This movement is apparently one of the simplest and at the same time the most significant. Not being able to perform it can be a sign of excess weight or bad cardiovascular conditions. So, if a child can do it, you should also know how to do it!

The crab step

The crab step or crab walk is a movement similar to crawling, but a little more complicated. It is performed by placing the weight of the body on the legs and arms and using the abdomen. Although it appears to be an uncommon movement, it is nevertheless used in various situations that involve staying on the ground or getting up again.

Raise a weight at chest level

When you go shopping or hold a child or move an object from one place to another, use different muscles both to hold the object and to walk.

In sports training, a weight is used and is loaded at a considerable distance. Human beings must be able to carry at least a quarter of their weight. So lifting objects, simple as it may seem, is a movement that you should be able to perform regardless of your physical condition.

The push

It is clear that American football players have an excellent physical condition. During the training, the players perform an exercise in which a machine called “sled” must be pushed to a certain distance, which is really very heavy. Human beings should be able to perform exercises similar to this. This indicates the strength and resistance of a subject.

Taken in the chest

This exercise is typical of basketball. It consists of throwing the ball from the chest and, in turn, taking it at chest level. It may seem easy, but in reality, it implies coordination and agility. The more an exercise focuses on strength or endurance, the more muscles and muscle memory work together.

Try it

It doesn’t matter if you can’t do all these moves, what matters is that you focus on the possibility of doing them. All these exercises, from the most basic as the crawling to the most complex as throwing and grabbing a ball, are indicators of the correct functioning of the body.

If you fail to perform these movements, you are very likely to lead a sedentary lifestyle or have some physical disabilities. We need to find ways to move, movement is life. It would be good to do the LISS workout, play Frisbee or do Zumba. Any method is fine as long as you move your body.

Those listed above are the movements that you should be able to perform, performing them directly or indirectly in your life. If you can achieve these movements, you will feel better both physically and mentally and eventually, perhaps, you will be able to achieve physical conditions that will make you feel proud of yourself.

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