It is important to pay attention to food since proper nutrition will allow you to have a healthier and more durable life. Furthermore, eating well means obtaining a series of benefits both physical and mental, because maintaining a dry appearance and physique will improve your self-esteem. In this article, we will explain how to follow a balanced diet and enjoy its many benefits.

Why follow a balanced diet?

The reasons why it is worth trying to follow a diet are many. Once you have overcome the obstacle of the first few months, healthy and correct nutrition will become an integral part of your life. Maintaining a balanced diet means:

  • Avoid problems of overweight and obesity, with all the consequences for your body.
  • Improve performance related to physical activity, especially in the case of people who love sports or athletes who make it in a competitive way.
  • Build a better physique and take care of the external appearance, an element that will contribute to your emotional serenity and will help you in many areas of interpersonal and work relationships.

Common problems when starting a diet

In most cases, people are not able to start a diet on their own, independently, and therefore the help and advice of a specialized professional are essential. It is possible that you are willing to take the big step, but without the notions related to your body’s needs, times, quantities and types of food, even just starting the diet becomes almost impossible.

In this sense, summary information, which is often mistaken and circulates almost everywhere, plays a negative role. You may have heard that fats are harmful, but eliminating them completely from your daily diet would pose a serious health risk. The same goes for carbohydrates. Also drastically reducing the quantities and portions, without medical supervision, can have serious consequences and nothing has to do with the concept of a balanced diet.

The result of poor or insufficient eating routines is often rather poor and negatively affects motivation. Without achieving the established goals, we are frustrated and tend to believe that not much sacrifice is worth it. We are talking about the well-known “rebound effect”: when the body, after losing a few pounds in the initial phase of the diet, will tend to stabilize towards its normal weight.

All this could trigger a hormonal imbalance with consequences that can reach food allergies or intolerances. This is why it becomes fundamental to deepen this delicate subject.

How to start the diet

One of the first steps to do is contact a health professional. For example, a dietician, a dietitian or a nutritionist.

Only the first is a graduate in Medicine and Surgery, so he can make a thorough diagnosis, work out diets and even prescribe drugs, if necessary. The dietician has a three-year degree and can also plan ad hoc diets. The nutritionist biologist will be able to assess your nutritional and energy needs, thus managing to develop personalized dietary plans.

The advice, of course, is to choose the expert that seems most professional, serious and suitable for your needs. Only these professionals are qualified to develop targeted diets, taking into account your psycho-physical characteristics and real health conditions. In fact, the type of power supply changes based on many factors. For example, age, weight, habits, lifestyle, genetic baggage … As you can see, a teenager, an adult or an elderly person will have to follow very different diets, respecting specific peculiarities.

All this without ever forgetting that, alongside a healthy eating routine, it is also essential to perform a certain amount of physical activity.

Following the doctor’s advice and guidance to the letter with confidence and perseverance is fundamental to the success of the diet. In this way, you will avoid the risks deriving from so-called “do-it-yourself” diets that often, in addition to not guaranteeing lasting results, can endanger your own health.

The importance of meeting the body’s needs

After being visited and having verified that you need a balanced diet, you can finally get to work. Arm yourself with optimism and try to always maintain a positive attitude. Before starting, we invite you to consider the following concepts. They will be useful for dealing with and maintaining your balanced diet:

  • The diet should not be overly tough. If you start too rigidly and drastically, you will hardly go ahead. The aim is to adapt the body to the new food routine, so as to progressively lose weight and increase muscle mass.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. It is essential to start the day well. Eat moderate dairy, fruit, bread, and cereals.
  • Limit animal fats in food. Like butter, cheese, and processed meats. And always remember that “limiting does not mean prohibiting”.
  • Follow the instructions of the specialist you have contacted. It is possible that he will tell you to make up to 4 or 5 meals a day. Do not look at this scheme as something imposed but as a system that will allow your body to configure itself on a new type of power supply.
  • Include foods with fiber, vegetables or legumes in meals.
  • Be willing to change the cooking mode of the dishes. Prefer the grill or the steamer.
  • Reduce salt and sugar as much as possible. Both in food and in drinks.
  • Drink lots of water. It will serve not only to increase hydration but also to help the body metabolize and absorb nutrients.

As you have seen, to achieve and maintain a balanced diet it is essential to design a real strategy thanks to the support of a specialist. This will allow you to visualize a clear and concrete goal. Every day small results will motivate you and will be the key to transforming your body and improving the body’s overall health

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