The power of the mind over the body is a topic that has often been discussed. Especially because different people believe that by using mental abilities, one can improve the body. Practically, they are convinced that everything that is firmly proposed by thought becomes possible. For others, it is pure science fiction, just right for lovers of “new age” and other similar currents.

Precisely this diversity of opinions ends up legitimizing these notions. After all, everyone is free (in theory) to believe what he wants. So, you will agree or disagree with the premise of this article, based on your way of thinking.

But how can the mind help improve the body?

To believe or not to believe: this is the dilemma

The way in which a person behaves is strongly conditioned by his structure of beliefs and preconceptions, acquired in the course of existence and in relation to contact with others and the environment. An aspect that shapes the way in which everyone perceives the external world and the conception of himself.

This same group of ideas is the one that will inspire you to believe or not believe in the possibility of mind dominating the body. It will also affect your success or failure. Concepts that, as subjective as they may be, are always perceived as right in the end, as yours. What for some may be certain and fundamental, in the eyes of others may even seem trivial and senseless.

Mental and physical health

Lose a few more pounds, have an almost perfect body and eat without getting fat. These are three of the main desires of many people. Three aspirations that, in most cases, are continuously disregarded.

To justify these “failures”, the most common arguments are often linked to apparently uncontrollable situations. Starting from the lack of time to train, due to the complicated and stressful modern life.

At the same time, it is also difficult to maintain a healthy diet if you are bombarded with a myriad of processed products of low nutritional value, but offered at very low prices everywhere, accompanied by avalanches of commercials and advertisements.

Nothing is worth motivational phrases, such as: “you must do your part”. It is an invitation to strive, to give the maximum, to finally reach a set goal. That is, the mind must be fully convinced that the proposed objectives are likely to be achievable. A crucial aspect, for example, when trying to abandon bad habits.

Placebo vs nocebo

To investigate these problems, many specialists have studied the placebo effect. As well as its negative counterpart, the nocebo. Until recently, everything that fell into one of these categories (especially the first one) was generally seen in a bad light. We refer to any improvement that is induced by the positive expectations of the person. A simple trick, in short, that can be applied to the respect of a diet, going to the gym, completing a series of exercises … or even recovering from an illness.

Today, although the placebo effect is still considered a simple ploy, many prejudices have been set aside. There are testimonies of patients whose clinical picture improved only because they believed they were receiving effective treatment.

Here is an example of the great power that the mind can have on the body.

The mind to improve the body

The principles of the placebo effect can also be applied to those who practice a sport or have to maintain a diet. Especially in the case of people who want to lose weight significantly, perhaps because they suffer from obesity.

For physical activity to be effective, the person involved must be absolutely convinced that his effort will give him exactly the benefits sought. Without the gym work, aerobic activities and the many hours spent sweating are not seen as a terrible sacrifice.

This also happens with the diet. Those eating routines that cause people to go hungry or to eat unpleasant foods are destined to fail.

All that is perceived as an insurmountable sacrifice generates stress. A factor that ends up sabotaging even the noblest goals, such as improving the body.

It is not the law of attraction

We are not talking about science fiction: the power of the mind on the body is used to use levers that can help people overcome their limits.

In order to improve the body, thanks to workouts in the gym and a complete and varied diet, you need a great deal of concentration. Another essential concept that shows how the mind can influence the achievement of concrete goals and help you overcome any obstacle.

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