After having a heart attack it is very important to take care of yourself and respect all the indications given by the doctors. Many patients wonder if they can do cardio exercises after a heart attack. If you have the same doubt, read this article.

Can you do cardio after a heart attack?

The answer is yes. But we must pay attention to important aspects such as the type of exercise, the intensity and the periodicity of the physical activity we intend to carry out. And what does this depend on? Basically from the state of the heart after the heart attack.

As a first step, the doctor will perform all the tests he deems appropriate to know the situation of the cardiac apparatus. It will analyze the state of the myocardium, if there are arrhythmias under stress or if you suffer from myocardial ischemia.

If all these tests are successful and the person does not have any of the diseases listed above, the doctor can give a positive opinion and you can start doing cardio.

It is important to remember that the benefits of those who carry out physical activity are many, especially for those who have had a heart attack. For this specific case, doing sport will reduce the risk of a second episode (the second heart attack is more frequent than previously believed) and will allow you to control blood pressure.

Lipid, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels will be reduced through exercise. It will reduce stress and fight overweight; all direct causes of heart attacks.

Those who have suffered a heart attack live with the fear that it may occur again. This is why many people start to lead a sedentary life thinking about avoiding other “shocks” to the cardiovascular system.

This is a mistaken idea that should be changed based on existing literature on the subject and consulting the cardiologist. In reality, what the heart needs is to strengthen itself. How to do? With moderate cardio exercises.

Playing sports brings benefits not only physically, but also emotionally. This can only be good for those who have suffered a heart attack. Many believe that after an episode of this kind, life is over. In reality, when you train with other people you socialize more and you feel gradually safer and less frightened.

Do cardio after a heart attack: recommended workouts

Once the doctor has ascertained that you can do sport after a heart attack, the next step is to “find out” what activity you can or want to do. The cardiologist can advise you on the physical activities that best suit your particular situation, especially with regard to intensity and periodicity.

If you have never trained before (or you haven’t practiced for a long time), it is important to start slowly. An exercise that does not exceed 20 or 30 minutes twice a week is a good start. Taking a walk in the park with the dog could be a great idea.

The best sport you can practice is the one that moves the muscles and makes the heart work (slightly). Once you have started walking and feel good, you can increase the intensity of your workout by jogging or, if you feel like it, you can do mid-distance runs. In this way, you will also train the respiratory system and the circulatory system allowing the blood to circulate correctly in the body.

Another option would be to ride a bike, both outdoors and in the gym. We advise you to start with the cycle paths and then, if you want, to make them more challenging off-piste with mountain bikes. You can also sign up for a ballroom dance school, do Zumba at home or dance salsa in pairs … In addition to doing cardio activities, you’ll have fun!

The swim course is one of the most recommended activities after a heart attack. It can be associated with other sports or you can do water aerobics.

The important thing about doing exercises after a heart attack is that you have fun and don’t ask too much of your body. At some point, you can choose a discipline that you like best or intensify the training of the one you are practicing. The important thing is to start gradually and pay attention to the signals that the body sends us.

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