If you have a strong desire to become a mother, anxiety can become a serious obstacle to achieving this goal. Many women suffer the frustration of not being able to conceive a child every day. However, there are some tips you can follow to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Pregnancy is a situation that involves many changes in a woman’s body. When fertilization has taken place, the body begins to prepare, modifying its hormonal load. In many cases, however, the hormones do not work properly and those optimal conditions necessary to get pregnant are lacking.

Other hypotheses may be associated with the mother’s health. This is the case of diabetes, abnormalities in the reproductive system, immunodeficiencies, among others. In any case, if you have tried to have a child without success and for a long time, the idea is to visit a specialist.

How come you can’t get pregnant?

There are many reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant. From complications at the reproductive system level to the complexities of the couple. It is believed that there may be fertility problems if you have tried to conceive a child, unsuccessfully, for more than three months.

A gynecological medical check can determine the reasons why a woman does not get pregnant. The first symptoms are to be found at the level of the uterus and ovaries, discarding any complication or anomaly. A very common cause that hinders pregnancy is the diagnosis of polycystic ovaries.

After the medical check-up, the next step will be to check the health status of the woman, through tests and analyzes. The levels of insulin in the blood, the presence of any hormonal disorders, as well as possible causes of immunodeficiency, etc. will have to be verified.

Eight tips if you want to get pregnant

  • Have the gynecologist visit you. As we have seen before, if you want to get pregnant first you have to undergo a serious medical check-up. This will allow you to know the general state of your health and listen to some advice.
  • Stop using contraceptive methods. Usually, the body needs a period of detoxification of hormonal contraceptives. These periods can last from six months to a year.
  • Exercise as an energy source. Anxiety and stress are opponents that you must defeat if you want to get pregnant. To keep your mind calm, it is advisable to do cardio exercises. These routines will serve to oxygenate the body, secrete endorphins and contribute to a better general mood. Furthermore, physical exercise will help you recover the vitality that the body needs to facilitate the fertilization process.
  • Healthy and balanced diet.  Food is another fundamental element that should not be underestimated if you want to get pregnant. Foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates will contribute to a dangerous excess weight and this will reduce the chances of pregnancy.

It is also a mental problem and good habits

  • Relax your mind . Obsessing yourself with the idea of ​​having a baby causes the opposite effect when trying to get pregnant. It would be better not to think about it too much and consider this goal in a more natural way. Activities like yoga are highly recommended because they combine physical exercise with the benefits of meditation.
  • Give up bad habits. Tobacco and alcohol must absolutely be avoided, in order to increase the chances of a pregnancy. It is very important to start a period of detoxification, favoring purifying foods and drinks. Look at yourself and try to improve the health of your body: this will increase the conception of your child.
  • Have sex with conviction. It is often said that “magic” is needed to get pregnant. It is nothing but the chemistry present in the couple. Enjoy sex and relax during the act, all of which will help foster the conditions for fertilization.
  • Monitor ovulation periods. It is not a matter of obsessing you by counting the days and constantly calculating the timing of your ovulation. On the contrary, it is good for every woman to be able to understand how her body works. This will allow you to achieve physical and psychological harmony, as well as understand any hormonal changes.

Although the conditions of a pregnancy can be common for many women, the process to achieve it is not the same. For some mothers-to-be, conception is much easier than for many others. However, the key is to avoid stress and lower expectations, to minimize frustration.

Psychological assistance is also a useful tool when a woman tries to get pregnant. Some specialists organize excellent workgroups in which couples can confront each other, sharing and listening to similar and very instructive experiences.

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