Changing the body is a process that requires willpower, perseverance and, above all, a lot of ambition. In some cases it is very difficult to change appearance, this is due to some mental obstacles, which are camouflaged in the psyche. In this post, we tell you what these mental obstacles are and how to deal with them, read on!

It all depends on the mind. The brain is the one who directs orders to our body to perform actions. This means that you have the control to be able to accomplish what you want.

The main mental obstacles

Many times the mind plays tricks on us and makes us doubt or desist from certain goals because sometimes in real life there are obstacles and there are also mental obstacles, which must be able to identify and fight.

1. Put limits on ourselves

There is no worse mental obstacle than putting limits on what you are able to achieve. Do not stop your progress thinking that you are unable to do something. If you usually perform 50  squats,  go further and try to do 60 and then 70, do not stop for the simple habit of not going further. The phrase “I can’t” should never be part of your thoughts when you are training, following a diet or making any changes you have made in your life.

Furthermore, not being aware of what you are able to achieve wastes your potential. The people who make big changes in their lives and, in turn in the lives of others, are not satisfied with just a little. Change is achieved by advancing more and more, so don’t put barriers to your potential.

2. Be afraid

The fear of change, of failure, of the unknown … it is normal to be afraid,  what we cannot allow is that it becomes something bigger than us. Don’t let this feeling of uncertainty dominate you, on the contrary, use it as an impulse to demonstrate your ability to do what you propose. Having doubts about yourself will increase your fears, trust yourself and convert fear into power.

Think too much

To think in excess is one of the most problematic mental obstacles. If you think more than necessary about the events that change your physical state, this will only bring disadvantages to the process of change. Usually, when we think a lot, the thread of our thoughts takes a direction that can influence our way of feeling and, influencing our emotions, modifies our results.

Do not think too much about things, do not worry about the future and above all do not compare yourself to other people. You will achieve change at your own pace and,  for a change, you must have mental health and a good state of mind.

4. Wanting to throw in the towel

There will be a moment as you assimilate and strive for a physical change in which you would like to surrender. Wanting to give up the goal due to any factor is just a moment of difficulty. Do not be fooled and make no decision when you are sad, disappointed, among other things. When you feel you want to throw in the towel, think about all the efforts you have made and what you will get if you keep working to reach the goal.

5. Being influenced by negative comments

At all times there will be people who will support you and motivate you to get what you want. Similarly, there will be people who will make negative comments or try to discourage you. Do not listen to those comments that have nothing good for you, fill yourself with negativity will take you away from your goal. Let people say what they want, listen to good advice and corrections, and ignore offensive or disowned words.

6. Lack of motivation

Looking for excuses like “today I can’t train because I’m too busy” or “next week I will really start the diet ” are pretexts that denote a lack of motivation. It is up to you to stimulate the mind and not succumb. Small details, like wearing new stuff for training, listening to your favorite music or working out with your friends will make the difference.

Mental obstacles are nothing but obstacles. They can, therefore, be overcome like everything in life. Arm yourself with courage, self-respect and the desire to achieve a physical change that will have a positive impact on your lifestyle. Also,  you will feel proud and really happy when you start to see results. Concentrate on yourself and you will see what a difference!

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