It may seem strange, in modern society, that a habit such as counting one’s steps can become a valid ally in defending people’s health. Well, the very number of kilometers you travel every day, recorded by apps, mobile phones, and smartwatches, allows you to assess whether your lifestyle is too sedentary. Knowing how many steps you have taken in a day, a week or a month can help you walk more.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has indicated that every human being should perform physical activity of at least 150 minutes a week. The goal: to avoid sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

Recent research, however, suggests that an adult should take at least 15,000 steps a day to stay healthy. A goal that not everyone can reach, especially if you are used to always take the car or if you live in a city with difficult weather conditions. But are there ways to push men and women to walk more?

Count every step, to walk more

The time itself is not enough to measure the amount of exercise you do. First, it was the only standard available, but now the possibility of counting the steps will allow you to know exactly the distance you have traveled.

To stay in shape, the goal should be to burn 250 to 500 calories a day. As you can see, therefore, the accumulation of fat can be avoided if sufficient exercise is performed. We are talking about a goal that is equivalent to walking about 8-10 kilometers a day. It may seem a relatively low number but it is a considerable amount, especially if you work eight hours while sitting in front of a computer.

Since you can’t change jobs or change your routine, to walk more you will only need to find the mechanisms that will allow you to respond to this exercise request, reconciling it with your lifestyle. The challenge is difficult, but we are talking about your health and your well-being: it is worth trying!

With these suggestions, walking more will be much easier.

Make the most of the distances to take more steps

The lack of time is the basis of the current sedentary life. To arrive in time, the means of transport are used that allow faster movements and without physical effort. The car, the scooter but also the subway or the bus are clear examples of this.

Instead of shortening travel times, you could go out earlier and walk parts of the journey. It may not be possible to cover the whole route by walking, but going for a walk or two will allow you to burn calories, giving a purpose to your exercise. Without forgetting the benefits of relating again with the sounds, colors and people of the city.

Another smart way to walk longer is to go up or downstairs instead of always using the elevator. Start from your home, then continue to the office, the shopping center and so on.

The idea is to use every available moment to walk more and mark more steps. In addition to improving your health, over time this will become a habit that you will no longer realize.

Walk more: anywhere, anyway

The problem of a sedentary lifestyle is now so well established that even the human resources offices promote greater physical exercise, inside and outside working hours. The more efficient you are in your work, the more time you will have to take a good walk. This does not mean, however, the possibility of finding ways to exploit the space of the place where you work, to cover part of your “kilometers” requirement.

The important thing is to defeat the sedentary lifestyle. To do this, you can walk from time to time inside the structures, or even in the office. Even if it doesn’t seem to be, walking from side to side helps burn calories.

You can go to drink water, go to a colleague’s room on another floor, go up the stairs and go in person instead of calling. Or even take simple steps, forwards and backward, sitting on your swivel chair with wheels.

In the same way, whenever there is a pause or a  time out, be smart and take advantage of the opportunity to walk more: even a few meters are good all sum!

Don’t forget to go to the gym

Therefore, there is no shortage of opportunities to move and walk in the workplace. As you can imagine, a more intense workout will help you lose calories faster. Therefore, you should not absolutely dismiss the idea of going to the gym regularly.

Running on the treadmill, moving on the elliptical or spinning are all great alternatives that will help increase your walking record . Even an aerobics class will be ideal, as will the weight sessions, especially if they end with a good run.

However difficult your daily life may be, it is good to always have time to dedicate to sports.

An excellent idea, in this sense, is to take advantage of free days and weekends. Take advantage of the hours you spend out of work, signing up at the gym, playing sports with friends or even just walking. Walking more doesn’t just mean getting better: it also means living more.

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