People who suffer from knee pain should know that in these cases it is advisable to perform some exercises that help alleviate this discomfort. In the following article, we will give you a list of the 4 best exercises to reduce knee pain.

Surely one of the best things you can do is maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that in these cases it is ideal to carry out low-impact activities, such as riding a bicycle, brisk walking or swimming.

The knee joint is composed of several overlapping muscles that work together to flex, extend and stabilize the knee. Therefore the exact reason for the pain is not always easy to diagnose. However, we have prepared a list of some exercises that can reduce pain and relieve discomfort. Take note, below we will tell you everything you need to know.

The 4 best exercises to reduce knee pain

1. Exercise with the ball

Let’s start by presenting you with an exercise that you can do with a tennis or lacrosse ball. It is a movement that allows you to adjust the tension, both in the calf and in the hamstring. To perform it, you have to sit on the floor and bring your right foot towards your buttocks so that your knee is bent.

Now insert the lacrosse or a tennis ball under the right knee, between the calf and the hamstring. The goal is to forcefully compress by pulling the shin towards you. Now rotate the foot in alternating circular motions to create space in the knee joint. We recommend continuing to relieve tension in these areas.

2. Squat on the wall

The squat against the wall represents another important exercise to reduce pain in the knees. They allow strengthening the quadriceps, the buttocks and other small muscle groups that orbit around the joints of the knee, thus allowing them to stay healthy over time.

The procedure to perform this exercise is very simple: stand with your back against the wall and with your legs open without exceeding the extension of your hips. Now slide your back along the wall as if you were sitting on a chair and if you can as if to crouch on the floor. Keep in mind that the further down you go the more difficult the movement will be and the greater the pressure on the knees. We advise you to hold the position for 30 seconds or until your muscles are completely tired.

“One does not grow older by measuring the smallness of our pain”

-Ernst Wiechert-

3. Lifting with stretched legs

Now we present lifts with stretched legs. Before starting, you must lie on your back and keep one leg bent and the other one taut. Now raise your stretched leg a few centimeters from the ground keeping your thigh muscles in tension. Hold for 5 seconds and slowly lower your leg. Repeat this for the other leg. As much as possible, avoid arching your back and making sudden movements.

4. Calf stretching

Finally, we offer an ideal exercise to reduce knee pain. The exercise consists of stretching the calf muscles. It is a very useful exercise to relieve any knee pain.

Stand in front of a wall and use it to support you. Bend the right foot and position the heel along the imaginary line that runs from the floor to the cervical area. Remember to keep your toes raised, your heel firmly planted on the floor and your leg as straight as possible. Now lean towards the forward leg trying to stretch as far as possible. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and then change leg. Perform between 10 and 15 repetitions per leg.

Exercises to reduce knee pain can be performed by all sports athletes. We are confident that after a few weeks of practice, you will begin to get the results you want.

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